Meridion High-Rise Ltd.

Meridion High-Rise Ltd. provides High-Rise Residential concrete formwork services across the Greater Toronto Area.

Meridion High-Rise Ltd. specializes in High-Rise Residential concrete formwork services. Through innovative thinking and unparalleled value engineering Meridion offers safe, fast and efficient formwork and shoring, concrete placing/finishing and rebar placing services for structural concrete projects of any size and scope. As concrete formwork experts Meridion plays a pivotal role in building the structures that people live, work, learn, play and receive care in for decades after construction is complete.

Meridion prides itself on a strong working relationships with developers, architects, contractors, the Ministry of Labour and the various construction and safety associations the company belongs to. By striving to meet the needs of all stakeholders in a way that maximizes safety and productivity, Meridion High-Rise Ltd. has built a reputation for the successful completion of projects.

Meridion High-Rise Ltd is able to efficiently mobilize its highly skilled work-force and fleet of cranes and equipment across the country. Through an experienced and dedicated team of professionals, each client’s specific needs are taken into account and met in a timely fashion.